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Palace of Versailles

78000 Versailles

(from Paris Montparnasse train station)

Versailles-Rive Droite
(from Paris Saint-Lazare train station)

Versailles-Rive Gauche
(from Paris line C)

Bus no171
Versailles Place d'Armes
(from Pont de Sèvres)

Highway A13
1st exit : Versailles-Château

Car and coach park
(pay car and coach park)
Place d'Armes (Palace), Allée de Bailly (Park), Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon



Services & opening times

3 April - 31 October

  • Palace
    Every day except Mondays
    9 am – 6.30 last admission: 6 pm
  • Trianon Palaces and Marie-Antoinette's Estate
    Every day except Mondays
    12 pm – 6.30 pm last admission: 6 pm – Ticket office closes at 5.50 pm
  • Garden
    Open every day
    8 am – 8:30 pm
  • Park
    Open every day
    7 am – 7 pm for vehicles, 8.30 pm for pedestrians

1st November - 31 March

  • Palace
    Every day except Mondays
    9 am – 5.30 pm last admission:
  • Trianon Palaces and Marie-Antoinette's Estate
    Every day except Mondays, last admission: 5 pm – Ticket office closes at 4.50 pm
    12 pm – 5.30 pm
  • Garden and Park
    Every day except Mondays
    8 am – 6 pm

Rates 2011

  • The Passport
    The key to 350 years of history
    18 €

  • The Palace
    Discover the Palace's most famous places and the exhibitions

  • The ticket for the Trianon Palaces and Marie-Antoinette's Estate
    The delicate, bucolic world of Marie-Antoinette, the grand Trianon of Louis XIV

Accessible to people with limited mobility Airport / Aerodrome nearby Shop Group visit Shady picnic areas Audio guide
Free bus parking Open 7 days out of 7 Restaurant Tearoom
  • Tickets and information for individual visitors
  • Individuals with tickets Access to all tours
  • Groups visits with a reservation
  • Groups and individuals on lecture-tours, with tickets
  • Visitors with a “Paris museum pass”
  • Left-luggage, telephones
  • Automatic ticket sales machine
  • Cloakroom for schoolchildren, book store, souvenirs
  • Picnic area, take-away sales

Le Café
+33 (0)1 39 50 58 62

« La Flottille » : +33 (0)1 39 51 41 58
« Petite Venise » : +33 (0)1 39 53 25 69

Tourist train
telephone : +33 (0)1 39 54 22 00
fax : +33 (0)1 39 55 07 25

Electric vehicles
Renseignement : +33 (0)1 39 66 97 66

Free toilette facilities
Palace Princes Courtyard (accessible to the disabled), Palace Entrance A, Grand Trianon, Petite Venise, Flottille, the Dauphin's Grove and the Girandole Grove (accessible to the disabled).



  • Facilities for the disabled
  • Disabled access to all tours
  • Parking spots reserved for people with limited mobility who come without a guide

Total access :
Palace (entrance H, wheelchair loan service), Grand Trianon

Partial access :
Park, Estate of Marie-Antoinette and Gardens

Disabled visitors may be dropped off by car or bus near entrance H, in the Main Courtyard of the Palace. Parking in the courtyard however is not permitted.
Near the Palace, at the Place d’Armes car park there are spaces exclusively reserved for the vehicles of disabled visitors.


Versailles Castel

Recognised as "historical monument" and "remarkable gardens"

The King in His Garden

A colossal project which began in 1661. Louis XIV entrusted André Le Nôtre to lay out the gardens of Versailles. The work was undertaken at the same time as that of the palace and lasted approximately forty years.

  Château de Versailles

Jean-Baptiste Colbert managed the project and Charles Le Brun provided the drawings for a large number of statues and fountains. Later, Jules Hardouin-Mansart ordered decorations which were more and more sober and extended Louis Le Vau's Orangery. The king himself received all the plans and wanted « details about everything ».

Thousands of men participated in the vast undertaking. Sublimated by numerous representations of Greco-Roman mythology, through the magic of the 50 fountains and 620 waterworks, the extraordinary beauty of the gardens was used to represent the king's power. The king entertained distinguished guests in the gardens and made them the privileged setting of magnificent celebrations and daily strolls with his courtiers.

In the 19th century, the budding Romantic Movement lead to the progressive change of the garden's regular lines to a landscaped arrangement that was further and further away from the principles of the French garden. The damage caused by the great storms of 1990 and 1999 confirmed the need for a major restoration programme. The re-plantation of the Great Perspective, the rearrangement of the Orangery parterre and the restitution of the Encelade, Dauphin, Girandole and France Triumphant groves are the spectacular results of the work begun nearly ten years ago which helped restore the gardens to the original state which they had at the end of the Sun King's reign..

Concerned at the end of his life to show the best « way to show the gardens of Versailles », Louis XIV wrote an itinerary that can still be followed today. Over 400 sculptures, vases and statues, executed by the greatest artists, make these gardens today's largest open-air museum in the world.


  • Sciences and curiosities at the Court of Versailles

    Exhibition prolonged until 3 April 2011
    The vacuum machine, exotic menagerie and curiosity cabinet: the Château de Versailles was a place of scientific experimentation and innovation.

  • Thrones in Majesty

    1 March - 19 June 2011
    Discover approximately 50 emblematic thrones, from different periods and civilisations, on display in the Grand Apartments of the palace of Versailles.

  • The Great Shows of Versailles

    Season 2010-2011
    The programming of the Royal Opera for the new sesaon 2010 - 2011.

  • Equestrian Show Academy

    Discover this center of equestrian shows and training run by Bartabas.

  • Symposium, conferences and workshops in 2011

    The scientific activities of 2011
    Discover the symposium, the conferences and the workshops in 2011.

  • The château de Versailles acquisitions

    Tapis de la Savonnerie, chaise d'affaire, commode de la Comtesse de Provence... The last acquisitions of the château de Versailles.

  • The Queen's Salon du Grand Couvert

    October 2010
    After sixteen months of restoration, the Queen's Salon du Grand Couvert is back to its original state, thanks to the sponsorship of Martell & Co

  • On line concerts

    December 2010
    Three concerts in the royal Chapel and the royal Opera broadcasted on Internet.